Back Drama L5 S1 I have never known so much Pain :(

L5 S1  Lower Back MRI.

My back pain started about a year ago 2009.

I just woke up one day in June 2010 with a painful back I had cat scan,it got a bit better after about 10 days,but it was ongoing it would come back every few months.

About 5 months ago I woke up in pain again and got to the stage where I couldnt sit down anymore because it made the pain in my back worse,so I spend most of my days standing,it got worse and worse every day,I was in agony couldn’t sit down at all,couldn’t drive my car,I spent 2 agonising weeks stuck on my couch I couldnt even stand anymore I couldn’t stand up long enough to make a coffee or get something to eat. I had to wait for my son to come home to do things for me.

I ended up in the ER I was in so much pain.

I was taking 8 panadiene  forte ,voltaren, panadol osteo just to ease the pain a bit,it was like a permanent cramp from my butt right down the back of my leg.

Some days I was in that much pain I was in tears until I finally went to the ER one night, they gave me morphine and an injection and the next day I was to have a epidural needle in my back to see if that helped,well sadly for me it didn’t so it was off to back specialist,he sent me for another cat scan and MRI that is when they found the problem, I have bulging disk pushing on Sciatic nerve. I went back to my own doctor and he put me on morphine patches they are helping at least I can stand up now,I still can’t sit for long,the only thing is Mophine makes me sick so I can only have low dose patch and even they make me feel sick most days.I also take panadiene forte and panadol on top of the patch.

I am waiting for an appointment to see a Neurosurgeon  from Melbourne, I just hope I don’t have to wait too much longer,I don’t know how much longer I can handle this pain. 😦

Finally seen a Neurosurgeon,he told me I need to have back surgery,had my bone scan done yesterday and will find out the results in the next few days.

I am still in a lot of pain and cant sit for long ,I’m trying to learn to live with the pain,it is at its worst when I get up in the morning,takes a while for the pain killers to work before I can do anything.

Even on the morphine I still have a lot of pain and spend most of the day standing.

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